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David Gogo
10-Dec-09 - David Gogo while in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada writes...
Well , it's quite nipply up here on Gogo Mountain this week. I have the woodstove cranked and my new Hab slippers on as I practice some Christmas blues for my upcoming acoustic shows.

I'll be co-hosting the Maple Blues Awards in Toronto on January 18 and I'm even nominated in the category of "Best Electric Act". You can vote for me at www.mapleblues.ca/vote.aspx, but hurry because voting closes on Sunday.

I'll also be manning the front gate of the Gogo Christmas tree farm this weekend and next for my annual four days of actual work!!

Just loving Mick Taylor's tone and phrasing on the Stones' "Get Yer Ya Ya's Out" box set.

My Habs are buying into the coach's system and winning games.

Looking forward to cooking some big meals over the holidays and stuffing my lady's stocking!!

14-Oct-09 - David Gogo while in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada writes...
New Single!!
Hola! Well, well, well... Just finished Thanksgiving on Gogo Mountain and it looks like we're having leftover Big Ass Ham for dinner tonight, and breakfast tomorrow, sandwiches on Friday...
Went down to Seattle to see Bobby Dylan who rocked the foundations. Welcome back, Charlie Sexton!!
After cruising home with the top down on my 64 1/2 Mustang I got the word that we're getting some airplay with the new single Relax from Different Views. Contact your local radio station and demand that they play it!! We did up a special edit on this tune, that I co-wrote with Shaun Verreault. Sounds pretty damn good!!
I'm heading to Germany this weekend then lots of local shows throughout October. I'm loving playing the new songs.
Don't worry Toronto fans, we're gonna be making a big announcement soon re: some upcoming events!!
OK, hockey fans, I'll check back soon!
3-Sep-09 - David Gogo while in Holland writes...
I must be comfortable in Europe seeing that I just slept for 15 straight hours! Obviously I had some catching up to do. It's hard to believe that the summer festival season is coming to an end. It was busy and successful, but almost too easy. I guess that's how it is when you're having fun. I got to see old friends and favourite sights and saw some of my musical heroes. Clubhouse sandwich at the Wagon Wheel in Winnipeg, whiskey at Bud's in Saskatoon, smoked meat sandwich from Nate's and Jeff Beck concert in Ottawa, forty dollar pizza and a smashing gig at Mt. Tremblant, kick ass outdoor shows in London and Windsor, rocking show and scenery at Switzerland's wonderfully named Blue Balls festival, a rare summer acoustic show at Filberg followed by a rare band show ( by me, anyway), a full band acoustic show at the Vancouver fireworks followed by me running over to see Alejandro Escoveda, a long awaited return to Victoria, quality swim time in Nanaimo river, blowing the doors off of Joe King Hall on Hornby with an early wake up to take my son to the big city to see Kings Of Leon, a quick break in B.C.'s interior before heading home for a record audience at Nanaimo's Blues Fest and then an encore awarded set at the many CD selling Edmonton Blues Fest where I enjoyed chatting with John Hammond before a late night champagne, ham , and billiards night at Gregg and Lynne's... and now Holland!! I'll let you know how it goes!!
13-Aug-09 - David Gogo while in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada writes...
Well, we all have to go one day. All hail the great Les Paul!!

What can I say about this guy? His inventions changed the world and I think of him almost everyday when I'm recording or just drooling over one his namesake guitars. I had the pleasure of seeing him play in New York City years ago and he was still amazing in his late seventies. And he  was still very much interested in the ladies! Do yourself a favour and Google him and check out his exploits .

Thank you, Mr. Paul!!

21-May-09 - David Gogo while in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada writes...
Hello, my little chickadees!! I'm drinking my thermos of English Breakfast Tea and listening to the master mixes of "Different Views" the new album and I FUCKING LOVE IT!! Lotsa new tunes, a couple of choice covers and fantastic performances! I know what you're thinking; "Say what you mean, Gogo, don't hold back!"

But seriously, I'm digging it, big time. Russell Broom produced, Shaun Verreault and Miss Carolyn Mark guest, and a smashing cast of others fill things out. I'm very eager to rehearse and get ready to play these suckers live.

You might have noticed that we've added a whack of dates to the tour schedule, with more to come. I'm in a bit of a holding pattern until the album release (beginning of July) so we're gonna tweak the website and get the promo machine rolling. Once we decide on the first single, we'll ask you to please harass your local radio station to get us some airplay! We'll try to get some teasers up soon!!

21-Feb-09 - David Gogo while in Haugesund , Norway writes...
Wow, Norwegians like to drink! Aye, Caramba!

Had a great show tonight. One more to go on this trip. It's been fantastic. Sat in with Wishbone a couple of times (possibly again tomorrow) and seem to be winning a bunch of new fans. Driving through Norway was similair to B.C. around Prince George, but this town reminds me of the Maritimes.

Glad to see Kovy back in the Habs lineup and lighting up the scoreboard! My team has really shit the bed since I've been gone -- on and off the ice. Bob Gainey seems to know what he's doing, however unorthodox.

CBC Radio is going to record my solo show March 1st in Duncan -- should be cool.

Writing is my number one priorty after that. The new album is really starting to shape up. Can't wait to get home and get to it!

7-Feb-09 - David Gogo while in Utrecht, Holland writes...
Well, another flight overseas -- Just had a quick rehearsal with the Dutch lads in preparation for our tour with Wishbone Ash. We start in Vienna, where I've never been. Should be nice but we don't have much time to see the sights as we're working/travelling everyday but one during the whole trip! It'll be nice to play some favourite cities as well as a bunch of new places.

It will nice to work hard and get the callouses happening before getting home to finish writing for the new album. I'm quite pleased with the songs thus far.

BTW, fear not, Canadian fans! I shall return soon! We're just getting the summer festival season in order. I've made some changes on the business side of things and I'm excited to play some festivals that we haven't been to before as well as returning to some good ones from past experiences.

Look for changes soon on the website; Europe photos; a guitar gallery; and new contests in anticipation of the new album.

Gotta hit the road early. Talk soon!

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